Sea Plankton Found Living Outside International Space Station (ISS)

The International Space Station
GROWING THINGS: The International Space Station.

Sea plankton found outside International Space Station (Stuff, Aug 20, 2014):

It’s not quite extraterrestrial life, but scientists have discovered sea plankton growing in space.

Russian space officials have confirmed traces of plankton and other micro-organisms were found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (ISS), and it appears they’ve been living there for years.

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NASA orders $19 million space toilet from Russia


Moscow, June 14: The US space agency NASA was forced to spend a whopping USD 19 million on a new toilet in their section of International Space Station (ISS), after repeated breakdown of the American lavatory due to “rich diet” of Russian cosmonauts.

Cosmonauts from both the countries had been using each others’ toilets, but the American astronauts recently denied access to their Russian colleagues to their lavatory, sparking a ‘space scandal’ between the two former Cold War rivals.

“The US astronauts were sick and tired of toilet breakdowns and unpleasant odours. NASA was eventually forced to order a toilet system from Russia. US tax payers paid USD 19 million for the space toilet. The new construction was installed in the US segment of the ISS,” website reported.

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