State Ban On UN Agenda 21 Clears Arizona Senate

State Ban on UN Agenda 21 Clears Arizona Senate (The New American, March 27, 2013):

Under immense pressure from grassroots activists across the political spectrum, lawmakers in the Arizona Senate approved legislation last week that would ban the controversial United Nations “sustainable development” scheme known as UN Agenda 21 within the state. The measure in Arizona follows similar efforts in other states and comes amid increasing nationwide outrage about the international so-called “sustainability” plot, which according to UN documents aims to radically restructure human civilization under the guise of environmentalism and fighting poverty.

The legislation, S.B. 1403, is summarized in the bill as “an act prohibiting the state and its political subdivisions from recognizing the United Nations or any of its declarations as legal authority in this state.” Specifically targeted are the UN “Rio Declaration on Environment and Development” and the “Statement of Principles for Sustainable Development” adopted by dictators and national governments at the 1992 international “sustainability” summit held in Rio de Janeiro.

“Notwithstanding any other law, the state of Arizona and all political subdivisions of this state … shall not recognize the United Nations or any of its declarations as legal authority in this state,” the legislation reads, pointing out that officials are bound by their oaths to the Constitution. Political subdivisions are defined in the bill as the state, county, city, or town governments, as well as any “special districts” authorized by local officials.

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New Hampshire Lawmaker Battles AGENDA 21

Agenda 21 In New Hampshire: State Lawmaker Seeks To Keep Out Sustainability Program (Huffington Post, Nov 27, 2012):

The battle over Agenda 21, the United Nations’ sustainability agenda, moves back to New Hampshire as a Republican state lawmaker has signaled her intent to ban the program from the state.

State Rep. Lenette Peterson (R-Merrimack) has filed legislation to ban implementation of Agenda 21 in the state, along with prohibiting local governments from receiving funding from the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, an international group seeking to promote Agenda 21. Peterson’s legislation is similar to a state bill to ban Agenda 21 that passed the state House earlier this year before failing in the Senate.

“It’s an important topic,” Peterson told HuffPost. “Agenda 21 is a dangerous program to get into. It looks cushy because of the special funding. They take over and citizens lose their rights.”

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