Prof. Karl Grossman: ‘Radiation Hormesis An Incredible Lie’

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‘Radiation Hormesis An Incredible Lie’ (Press TV, July 27, 2011):

The nuclear theory ‘radiation hormesis’ – the hypothesis that low doses of ionizing radiation are beneficial – is “an incredible lie.”

“A lot of nuclear scientists … actually have the nerve to claim that radiation is good for you, and they have this theory called ‘radiation hormesis’ and they claim that radioactivity exercises the immune system and it’s a healthy thing for people. Essentially what they are doing is promoting their technology with this incredible lie,” Karl Grossman, a professor at State University of New York College told Press TV’s U.S. Desk in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

Grossman believes some people are trying to downplay radioactive pollution in Savannah River Site – a nuclear reservation in South Carolina.

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