Why Are Lithium Investors Rushing To This Metal?

Why Are Lithium Investors Rushing To This Metal?:

Our rapidly evolving energy future – packed with electric vehicles, massive energy storage solutions and nanotechnology – requires more tech-grade graphite than it does lithium and cobalt.

If shortages for lithium and cobalt are looming large, shortages of graphite are even scarier. The United States is the biggest consumer, and it doesn’t even produce any tech-grade graphite.

With demand for tech-grade graphite expected to increase 200 percent in less than three years, and 300 percent by 2025, North America will have to go from graphite zero to hero—fast.

In North America, there’s no better place to be than in the backyard of Tesla’s Nevada battery gigafactory, and one little-known company is right there—sitting on what could prove to be a rare working tech-grade graphite mine in the U.S.

H/t reader kevin a.

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