Comet Encke The Taurid Meteor Shower And The End Of The Last Ice Age – June 25th 2020 Encke Returns (Oppenheimer Ranch Project Video)


2020 fits the bill…

2020 is, for several reasons, one of the years that has a great probability to be the year where WW3 could take place (also to my own Nostradamus research, trying to decode his verses that are very likely related to WW3).

The massive earth changes caused by a planetoid/comet/asteroid (Encke?) are predicted to abruptly end WW3.

Next up…

Inflation, riots, total collapse of the entire financial system, hunger, followed by civil war & revolution (in the US, Europe, etc.), which will be directly followed by WW3, as predicted by many seers and confirmed by what I (and many others) know about the plans of TPTB.

Total financial collapse, civil unrest, even civil war is, in my opinion, a certainty at this point in time (even without knowing about all those predictions made by all those seers in the past.).

Some of the very last signs before WW3 may be the whole of Paris being burnt totally to the ground and the Pope having to flee the Vatican.

The last sign before WW3 is the assassination of a top-ranking ‘official’ (‘in the Balkans’ – Trump? – possibly on a peace conference in Budapest).

Let’s see.

All of this is not to scare you, but to give you hints how much time might be still left to get ready for what is coming.

Prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

All of this is a survivable event.

However, the unaware & unprepared have very little chances of survival.

All the best.

* * *

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