Alaska: Bogoslof Volcano Erupts Ash Possibly As High As 13.7 Km (45 000 Feet)

Bogoslof erupts ash possibly as high as 13.7 km (45 000 feet), Alaska

A powerful eruption took place at Alaska’s Bogoslof volcano on May 28, 2017. It was the second powerful eruption after more than months of relative calm. Aviation Color Code was raised to Red.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) reported a powerful explosive eruption started at Bogoslof volcano at 22:16 UTC on May 28 and lasted about 50 minutes. “Satellite images and pilot reports indicate that the cloud reached at least 10.7 km (35 000 feet), and possibly as high as 13.7 km (45 000 feet) above sea level.”

“An observer on Unalaska Island reported seeing a large white-gray mushroom cloud form over Bogoslof, with ash fall out to the west. Winds in the area are currently to the northwest,” AVO added.

H/t reader squodgy:

“A couple more like this and the trigger is pulled for the downturn.

Already Iceland is repotting clusters of seismic unrest at three volcanoes, and Southern Chile has more.”

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