Terence McKenna – The Message — Joe Rogan & Graham Hancock talk about DMT and Mystical Experiences — Alex Grey, Joe Rogan, DMT and Tool = Trip Video — Joe Rogan talks about DMT and meeting Jesters in Hyperspace

H/t reader kevin a.


I know about this, BUT would still highly recommend at this moment in time NOT to use Ayahuasca or magic mushrooms or smoke marijuana.

CBD in cannabis, however, cures a lot of diseases, incl. cancer: https://www.infiniteunknown.net/tag/cannabis/

I also know about people who had very real super abilities, that almost nobody would believe and they have NOT taken any drugs whatsoever.

And to give you an example: ‘Reading’ an entire book in seconds and not only knowing it inside out (literally), but knowing everything about the author as well is a piece of cake.

And they do not need to ingest drugs to experience other dimensions of existence.

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