Arrow Trucking Shuts Down, Lays Off 1,400 And Strands Drivers During Layoff

BREAKING NEWS! Arrow Trucking Abruptly Shuts Down Leaving 1,400 Unemployed and Many STRANDED!

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Arrow Trucking Take The Money And Run Video Hash

Arrow Trucking laid off approximately 200 drivers this week and stopped payments on their gas cards, leaving some drivers stranded Tuesday around the United States. (Getty Images)

Layoffs are a fact of life in this economy, but there are humane ways to do it.

Then there’s the Arrow Trucking Arrow Trucking method.

The Tulsa, Okla., trucking company stopped payment on the gas cards of its drivers, leaving some of them stranded Tuesday around the United States, miles from home. No explanation on the website. No one at the company answering phones.

The 200 or so employees at Arrow Trucking’s headquarters were told to pack up their belongings and go home Tuesday morning, according to the Tulsa World.

The only acknowledgement was a brief recorded message on the company’s main phone number, asking drivers of its Freightliner and Kenworth trucks to turn their rigs in to the nearest dealer and to call a special hotline to arrange for a bus ticket home. Drivers of the company’s Navistar trucks were told to call back for more information.

“I wouldn’t say it’s typical, but I wouldn’t say it’s unheard of” for a trucking company to lay off workers in such a fashion, says Alan Bristol, a truck driver in Fort Collins, Colo., who was laid off earlier this year.

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