Dr. Arjun Srinivasan: We’ve Reached ‘The End of Antibiotics, Period’


The scientists stopped developing new strands of antibiotics and just mixed the old ones as planned by the elitists.

We were (and still are) pumping antibiotics into livestock as if there was no tomorrow and bacteria soon started to develop resistance against them and this really is the planned end of  antibiotics, period.

Personally I think that we don’t need those immune system destroying antibiotics (anti = against, bios = life) and that nature offers far better and more potent substances that can easily replace them once and for all.

I know what I am talking about because I personally saw what happens when you give sick people drops, suppositories and even better infusions containing those totally natural substances.

The treatment cured cancer, Lyme disease, malaria etc. …. BUT is NOT wanted by the establishment.

MRSA is a piece of cake.

Bacteria will not be able to develop resistence against those substances and they are not negatively affecting our mitochondria unlike antibiotics.

The optimal dosage for stem cell transplants and bone marrow transplantation has yet to be determined.


Top Expert: Antibiotic-Resistant Diseases Pose ‘Apocalyptic’ Threat

From the article:

“What that means is that we’ve had to actually reach back into the archives, if you will. We’ve had to dust off the shelves [and revisit] some older antibiotics that we haven’t used in many, many years. We stopped using them because they were very toxic, and as new antibiotics came about that weren’t so toxic, we of course stopped using these older antibiotics.

Like colistin?

Colistin is a great example. And now we’re back. We’re using a lot of colistin, and we’re using more of it every year. It’s very toxic. We don’t like to use it. It damages the kidneys. But we’re forced to use it in a lot of instances.

But what’s really worrisome is that now we’re seeing bacteria that are resistant even to colistin, so there are infections for which we have really nothing to offer a patient. We’re in a situation where the patient will get better or the patient won’t get better based on whatever the defenses the patient might have, but we have nothing to offer them to help them get better.”

Dr. Arjun Srinivasan: We’ve Reached “The End of Antibiotics, Period” (PBS Frontline, Oct 22, 2013):

Explain to me why the discovery of antibiotics was so important for medicine.

Antibiotics were one of [the most], if not the most, transformational discoveries in all of medicine. Infections are something that we struggled to treat for many, many years, for centuries before the advent of antibiotics, and infections were a major cause of death before the advent of antibiotics.

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