Deborah Tavares – Shocking NASA Document from 2001 – Plan to Genocide and Depopulate Every Human on Earth! (Video)


Have warned you before about this…

Deborah Tavares: WARNING-USA Interstate Travel Checkpoints – “It Doesn’t Matter Whether You Are Vaccinated Or Not You Will Be Put Into FEMA CAMPS” (Video)

Reader: “Every single plan and explanation is clearly laid out and the recent developments vindicate Tavares’ whistleblowing.” – Deborah Tavares: Critical EMERGENCY EMERGENCY EMERGENCY Make this VIRAL NOW! (Upload Date: Jun 27, 2013 – Video) – NASA The Future of War (PDF) – THE IRON MOUNTAIN DOCUMENT (PDF) – Iron Mountain: Blueprint for Tyranny (Full Documentary)

Agenda 21: If You Think You Can Handle The Truth, Here It Is! (Video) – NASA FUTURE WARFARE DOCUMENT Deborah Tavares interview with Trevor Coppola (Video)

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