Second Donation in July


Infinite Unknown reader S. M. donated £25.

Thank you so much for your continuing support!!!


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3 thoughts on “Second Donation in July”

    It does seem the story of ABE being killed by Japan’s “LEE HARVEY OSWALD” surrounded by securityis starting to crack.
    The sawn off shotgun scenario from what looked like a distance of up to 8m was weak, but Global Research do an excellent analysis which indeed raises more questions.
    Whatever the truth, the assassination of a major G8 member and puppet of the globalist banksters stinks for many reasons, such as the growing evidence that he was shot twice, the Moonie link, the enquiry into the wanting Police response, the rapid cremation, the state of the Japanese economy, and the pathetic low key/short term media response to an event of such magnitude tying in with the resetting of the European leadership ball of spaghetti.


    Selective data to skew the results has always been available, but with a lying Government & Globalist Population Reduction Agenda using a bio-weapon which they must hide from scrutiny by the still dumbed down and trusting masses, such manipulation even by the hitherto trusted Office for National Statistics is even more essential for reaching the AGENDA target.


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