2 thoughts on “Stunning footage of thousands (10k+) of dead cattle in Kansas (Video)”

  1. You f****** a right I just checked the temperatures yesterday and today low 80s those cattle were poisoned. This goes hand-in-hand with all of the facilities burning down nationwide and worldwide what we have going here is the Bolsheviks of 1918 are back and they are perpetrating first a coup d’etat 2020 implementing communism s they are implementing hunger as they killed 66 million white Christians in Russia during what was known as the holodomor which kids are forbidden to study in school because they have to worship the Holocaust. I for one am God damn mad and I only say that one I truly am mad I don’t like to take the lord’s name in vain right now I am f****** pissed. When are we going to take to the streets as a people and run these Bankers out these money changers.


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