Politicians and MSM Compare Those Who Question Vaccine Safety to “Domestic Terrorists”

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3 thoughts on “Politicians and MSM Compare Those Who Question Vaccine Safety to “Domestic Terrorists””

  1. https://theconversation.com/can-vaccinated-people-still-spread-the-coronavirus-155095

    Can vaccinated people still spread the coronavirus?
    February 27, 2021

    1. Does vaccination completely prevent infection?
    The short answer is no. You can still get infected after you’ve been vaccinated. But your chances of getting seriously ill are almost zero.

    Many people think vaccines work like a shield, blocking a virus from infecting cells altogether. But in most cases, a person who gets vaccinated is protected from disease, not necessarily infection.


    Australians who are vaccinated for COVID-19 may still be able to transmit the virus even if they don’t get sick and have no symptoms.

    “We don’t yet know how effective they are at preventing the transmission of the virus.

    “It stands to reason that these vaccines will also prevent, to some degree, transmission of the virus but we don’t know how effective they are at doing that.”

    Asked about the implications for hotel quarantine, Prof Murphy said it was not clear that the vaccine would allow travellers to skip hotel quarantine.


    There’s no evidence that any of the current Covid-19 vaccines can completely stop people from being infected – and this has implications for our prospects of achieving herd immunity.

    What type of immunity do the Covid-19 vaccines provide?

    “In a nutshell we don’t know, because they’re too new,” says Neal.

    So far, the available Covid-19 vaccines have not been judged primarily on their ability to prevent transmission – though this is now being evaluated as a secondary endpoint for many of them. Instead, their efficacy was assessed by whether they could prevent symptoms from developing. “This means that we set our targets kind of pragmatically,” says Danny Altmann, professor of immunology at Imperial College London.

  2. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/coronavirus-australia-professor-john-shine-slams-astrazeneca-vaccine-myths/news-story/57c7d1a046c2d674d99172ad880e262d

    Coronavirus Australia: Professor John Shine slams AstraZeneca vaccine myths
    A world-renowned scientist has weighed into the debate around the vaccine, correcting a ‘significant misunderstanding’ about what it can do.

    His message comes after experts, who spoke out about concerns the AstraZeneca vaccine would not achieve herd immunity, were hauled before a government education session following fears their comments were harming public confidence.

    “Vaccinated individuals will be protected from the worst of COVID-19 but will not be protected from becoming infected,” Professor Shine said.

    “None of the vaccines that have been approved for use have demonstrated that they can stop transmission.”


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