AND NOW… Coronavirus: Führen Autoimmunerkrankungen zu schweren Covid-19-Fällen? Darauf deuten immer mehr Studien hin. – The Reality Is That The RNA Technology (Deployed With The COVID Vaccine) Is Well Known To Cause Serious Autoimmune Reactions

Still trying hard to blame the COVID vaccine

side-effects effects on the virus….

TPTB To Blame Vaccine Side Effects On COVID: New news story says COVID is causing autoimmune disorders. Since vaccines are known to cause autoimmune disorders, the story’s timing is interesting:

Jon Rappoport: Shocking Report On COVID Vaccine Adverse Effects… The Roll-Out Continues Anyway:

“I have written about the inherent dangers of the new experimental RNA technology deployed with this COVID vaccine. The world population is a vast group of guinea pigs. Past efforts to introduce RNA tech have failed because serious autoimmune reactions have occurred. [3] The body basically attacks itself.

What rational person would line up to take this shot?”

Much more information HERE.

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