Biden Mulls Domestic Travel Restrictions Despite Improving COVID Backdrop – Biden Admin Says It Will Continue Trump DOJ’s Extradition Of Julian Assange – Number Of Americans On Jobless Benefits Surges Back Above 20 Million – Top Publisher Conde Nast Skips Rent Payment At One World Trade – Platinum Soars To Six Year Highs Amid Supply Shortage, Industrial Demand Hope – Kolanovic: A New Commodity Supercycle Has Begun – NATO Chief Tells Ukraine “Door Remains Open” For Membership As Russia Fumes – London Mayor Appoints Woke Activist Brigade To “Review” Statues For “Diversity” – “Show Of Force Unseen Since Cold War”: US Military Flexes In Norway – Facebook Hires Former NATO Press Officer As Its ‘Intelligence Chief’ – MasterCard Joins Visa, PayPal On The Crypto Payments Bandwagon – CAPITOL FALSE FLAG PSYOP: A Devious Black Op to Cancel the Patriot Movement – AOC And Schumer Want Taxpayer Funding For COVID-19 Funerals – A Third Of All US Homeowners Own Property Worth Double The Underlying Mortgage – Up 3,800% In Two Weeks… And It’s Not Gamestop – America’s Oldest Bank Adopts Cryptocurrencies, Will Treat #Bitcoin “As Any Other Asset” – Tokyo Olympics Chief Mori Resigns After Telling Press Briefing “Women Talk Too Much” 😂 😂 😂 – Dozens Of Former Anti-Trump GOP Officials Discussing Formation Of ‘Center-Right Breakaway Party’ – Biden Holds First Phone Call With Xi, Both Sides Offer Vastly Different Accounts Of What Was Said – The Dystopian Bubble: George Orwell Meets Charles Mackay

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