Germany Hired Koch Institute And Other Scientists To Justify Unconstitutional Lockdowns: Die Welt (One of Germany’s largest newspapers) – Meanwhile, several courts have ruled that the measures are unconstitutional

#COVID1984, #TheGreatReset, #Agenda21, #NWO…


Full Text of Permanent World Lockdown Plot!:

If the majority of people go against the agenda, then release the Weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS Tribit Strain as a Phase 3 operation. A virus with a 30+% mortality rate as a final scare to punish the minority to quickly become the majority and give a final “We told you so” to those that didn’t listen.

Ghana President Reads Elite Secret Covid Phase 1 2 and 3 Plans To Permanently Enslave The World – THE ENTIRE ROCKEFELLER EUGENICS COVID-19 PLAN EXPOSED (VIDEO)

In German:

Vollständiger Text des permanenten weltweiten Abriegelungsplans!

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