MSNBC Suggests Using Drone Strikes Against American Citizens – IMF Wants to Use “digital footprint of customers’ … online activities” to Assess Creditworthiness – More than half of Americans don’t want COVID-19 vaccine, survey shows – Missouri Senate passes gun nullification bill – Parents Sue Robinhood After 20-Year-Old Son Commits Suicide Over Options Confusion – ‘What Planet Are You From?’: Rand Paul Condemns Biden’s Sports Policy (Video) – Vietnam Culls 100,000 Poultry As Bird Flu Spreads To 14 Provinces – Hacker Tried To Poison Entire Florida Town By Raising Chemical Levels In Water Supply – ‘The EU is an unreliable partner’ Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov – British Academics Reject UK Government’s ‘Working Definition of Antisemitism’ – Las Vegas Sun Finally Releases Biden’s Anti-Gun Interview

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