Is Apple About To Announce A $5 Billion Bitcoin Purchase? One Bank Thinks So – “The Herd Is Coming”: Novogratz Sees Bitcoin At $100,000 As “Every Company” Buys It – Government Fail: “We’ve Turned Teens Into Lockdown Lab Rats” – Biden Appears To Be Expanding The US Occupation Of Syria (Nine convoys have arrived in Syria in 2021) – Former Rivals Agree On Draghi To Lead Apolitical “Unity” Government In Italy – Montana Aims To “Save Women’s Sports” From Biden’s Executive Order – US Courts ‘Clogged Up’ With Eviction Cases As Activist Groups Fight Back (“…you are making people homeless! You are killing people!”) – Bitcoin, Bonds, Bullion, Biotech, & Big-Shorts Bid As Buck Breaks-Down – Deepfake Detectors Can Be Defeated, Computer Scientists Show For The First Time – Majority Of GOP Voters Would Join A New Trump-Led Political Party, Poll Shows

The grid is predicted to go down.

What would this do to cryptos?

Got gold & silver?…

…and even more important water, food supplies, survival gear, etc.?

Former ECB Chief & Goldman Sachs Managing Director Mario Draghi…

Financial/economic collapse coming to a country near you.


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