Meteorologists Warn ‘Deep Freeze’ For The US Begins Next Week – The Curious Case Of The Hedge Fund That Made $700 Million On GameStop – Biden Convenes “Urgent” High Level NSC Meeting To Talk Iran Nukes – The Top 10% Is Doing Just Fine, The Middle Class Is Dying On The Vine – Pennsylvania Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Allow Drivers’ Licenses For Illegal Aliens – Biden Summons Troops To Help With COVID Vaccinations, Expands DPA – USA Today Op-Ed Denounces Tom Brady For Being White – Senate Adopts Ernst Amendment To Not Raise The Minimum Wage During Pandemic – Trump Refuses To Testify At “Public Relations Stunt” Impeachment Trial – US Warship “Expelled” From South China Sea By PLA Forces – House Democrats And 11 Republicans Boot Greene From Committees Over QAnon – Meet The Robot Designed To Replace Forklifts – Panasonic Is Quitting The Solar Panel Business

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