2 thoughts on “Big Tech Cleans House! – Everything We Want You To Think (Video)”

  1. I find it interesting to watch as the alternative media scream and shout about the way the giants of HiTec are behaving.
    Twenty years ago these giants were fledgelings, enabled by the masses who suckled on the tit of the new paths of communication.
    But they weren’t forced to, and anybody with a smidgeon of innovative entrepreneurial nous could have entered the market and competed, but thanks to laziness failed to do so.
    In fact the signs big brother was awakening were there five years ago, and in fairness, it was Alex Jones who highlighted it, resulting in his mate Mike Adams forming Brighteon a couple of years ago and since then several other media outlets have sprouted up.
    Furthermore, serious campaigners like Corbett, Icke and RichPlanet seem to have launched their own platform to ensure their message gets out there, so the possibility of alternative platforms for the social media drug is definitely available.
    When dopey, sleepy and lazy eventually realise nobody is speaking to them down their tube-world they will, like sheep, search out an alternative source and the clever person out there who sees that opportunity will be welcomed by all but Zuckerberg & the establishment…..until it all happens again.


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