“They’re Scared of Me and They Should Be”: Dominion Whistleblower Says CEO Lied During Michigan Testimony (Personally Witnessed Internet Connections Between Machines) – Fauci Wants Christmas Canceled: “Just One Of The Things You’re Going To Have To Accept” – Why Albert Edwards Is Starting To Panic About Soaring Food Prices – Former Goldman CFO Marty Chavez Calls For Universal Basic Income “To Stave Off Revolution” – “Who Wants To Be A Guinea Pig?”: Health Workers Balk At Vaccine; 40% Of Staff At One Chicago Hospital Refuse To Take – US Nuclear Weapons Agency Breached As Part Of Massive Cyberattack – AOC Says Pelosi, Schumer Need To Go – Coke Firing 12% Of US Workers Due To Covid – California Is Now The Top US Net Importer Of Electricity – Putin: Navalny Wasn’t Important Enough To Poison, Russia “Would’ve Finished The Job”

Watch your back…

Have you read this book?…

High inflation/hyperinflation is predicted…

Got lots of food supplies?….

The future, as planned by TPTB:

You want to continue to receive UBI (in the future)?

Take the vaccine and surrender to #Agenda21 & the #NWO, serfs!…


Law Professor: Counter Terrorism Czar Told Me There Is Going To Be An i-9/11 And An i-Patriot Act:

Stanford Law professor Lawrence Lessig details government plans to overhaul and restrict the Internet

Amazing revelations have emerged concerning already existing government plans to overhaul the way the internet functions in order to apply much greater restrictions and control over the web.

Lawrence Lessig, a respected Law Professor from Stanford University told an audience at this years Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Half Moon Bay, California, that “There’s going to be an i-9/11 event” which will act as a catalyst for a radical reworking of the law pertaining to the internet.

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