ASIA’S BIG FREEZE: SOUTH KOREA PLUNGES TO -23.5C (-10.3F) AS HEAVY SNOW HITS – WOLF CREEK: 122 INCHES OF SNOW SINCE LATE-OCTOBER, JACKSON HOLE: 129 INCHES – FEET OF SNOW FORECAST TO POUND THE NORTHEAST MIDWEEK, WITH THE WEST ON TRACK FOR A CHRISTMAS BURIAL – HISTORIC SNOW HITS TULSA, OKLAHOMA – Northeast Lower Michigan buried by Saturday snowstorm (Statewide totals show 15 inches tops list) – Huge cold coming to parts of East Asia over Christmas, Bone chillingly cold – NZ gets snow in middle of summer. 11 YEARS AGO TODAY AL GORE PREDICTED THE NORTH POLE WOULD BE COMPLETELY ICE FREE IN 5 YEARS

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