A Rebuttal to Klaus Schwab’s Article on the Covid-19 Crisis – THIS IS HUGE!!! A (+) PCR test with Ct value of 37 or higher (level set by most labs) means the test is a FALSE POSITIVE – ‘We Are Winning This Election’: Trump Throws First Post-Election Rally in Georgia – AND NOW: Prince Andrew’s accuser LIED about her age & was ‘prostitute’ paid off by Epstein, court papers show – China prepares large-scale rollout of COVID-19 vaccines – ‘Virtuous Hypochondria’: How One Man Lost A ‘Friend’ Of 20 Years… – MicroStrategy Buys Another $50 Million In Bitcoin At $19,427; Bringing Total To Half A Billion – Feds Admit $2.3 Trillion In Improper Payments – Trump Orders Withdrawal Of Nearly All US Troops From Somalia

You really can’t make this stuff up!…

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