WHO leaders warn of upcoming Covid vaccines leading to notion pandemic is over – NDAA Seeks To Halt Trump’s Troop Withdrawals From Afghanistan & Germany – Georgia Poll Observers Say They Were Effectively Told To Go Home – 5 Ways Americans Could Be “Encouraged” To Get A COVID Vaccine – Tested ‘Positive’ For COVID-19? Be Sure To Ask This Question – TPTB will use many ways to get the people to take the vaccine: “There Will Absolutely Be A Black Market” For COVID Vaccines, Bioethicists Warn – San Francisco Bans Smoking Inside Apartments Unless It’s Weed – Around The World In Two Hours? Chinese Scientists Test “Revolutionary” Hypersonic Engine – Black Google Researcher Claims She Was Fired Because She Discovered AI Is Racist – ‘A Slap In My Face’: LA Bar Owner Livid After City Lets Hollywood Studio Set Up Dining Tents – Gun Violence Has Killed 23 Times More Chicago Youth Than COVID

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World Economic Forum Founder & Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab: The Great Reset & The 4th Industrial Revolution Will “Lead To Fusion Of Our Physical, Digital, & Biological Identity” (Video) #TheGreatReset #WEF #NWO #Agenda21

“Next Crisis Bigger than COVID”Power Grid/Finance Down – WEF’s Cyber Polygon (YouTube & BitChute Video – Full Show Notes)

The 4th Industrial Revolution…They’re Telling Us The Plan…David Icke (Video) – David Icke Exposes The Great Reset (Video)

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