Migrant Crisis & Crime (Aug 23, 2019 EDN): Over 42 Percent of German’ children now have migrant backgrounds – One in every four German residents now has migrant background – DoJ: 64% Of All Federal Arrests In 2018 Were Non-Citizens – Germany: Afghan (20) looking for sex kicks woman (32) in the face – Germany: Turk starts a fight in Duisburg because woman’s skirt is “too short” – Germany: Even with zero immigration the migration share would increase – Enormous population growth not climate change behind migration from Africa. – Berlin: Alleged Islamist killed with shot in the head – Swedish Crime Noir writer to PM Stefan Löfven: “You have ruined Sweden and should resign!” – Has Turkey opened the flood gates again? Greece under intense migrants-pressure – France: Praying Muslim passenger attacks flight attendant


Move to Turkey…




The religion of peace…

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