Migrant Crisis & Crime (Aug 3, 2019 EDN): German state sponsored media refuses to report on Stuttgart sword murder – Swedish Municipality That Took Too Many Migrants Faces Bankruptcy – Germany: 14-year-old girl raped by a man with an Arab accent in Bad Vilbel. – Germany: Eritrean (21) sexually assaults pensioner (70) in Bad Doberan. She was lucky that bystanders ran to her help.Austria: “The increasing and increasingly visible violent crimes of asylum seekers and migrants against the European native population is no longer deniable”. – Germany: Migrant Crime Statistics – Black is the new Yellow?: ‘We’re not slaves’: New doc explores Black Vest protests for migrant workers’ rights in France – Von der Leyen: Migration “does not go away” and is part of a globalized world – Three-year-old raped and beheaded in India. – Germany has “no idea” what is causing the tuberculosis influx. – Remarkable intervention by this Spanish police officer, taking down a machete wielding enrichment advocate – Germany to Italy: “Open your ports to the 3rd world!” – Watch: NYC Subway Riders Apprehend Man Who Shoved Commuter Onto Tracks





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