Russia: Multiple all-time cold records broken – Deadly floods kill hundreds and affect millions in China, India, Nepal, Bengladesh and Pakistan – “Leaked” UN report: Cereal prices could spike 29% due to “climate change” – Snow more than 10 ft deep at Balea Lake…in the middle of summer – Argentina: Intense frost in Entre Ríos damages citrus production – Icebreaker headed for North Pole turned back by thicker ice than expected – Italy: 80 hectares of watermelon damaged by hail in Taranto – Spain: 75% of cherry harvest in region of Bierzo affected by spring rains and frost – Canada: Hail storm destroys pea crops east of Edmonton – Unexpected frost brings uncertainty to Brazil’s coffee production – Canada: Hail insurance claims reach the 1,000 mark for July long-weekend – USA: Tropical storm Barry may harm Arkansas rice crop – Italy: Hailstorms and strong winds in Emilia Romagna and Marche – PRICES RISING Grain futures move higher on weather concerns and crop conditions foll – RECORD Prevented Plant acres confirmed WORST SEASON EVER and more on way: Mother Nature was far from kind to farmers this growing season, hence – 16 cows killed by a lightning strike in Switzerland: A new normal to adapt to – Grow season continues running late USDA Extends Crops Reporting Deadline for 12 States – JAPAN’S VEG PRICES UP 70% AFTER “CLOUDIEST SPELL” SINCE RECORDS BEGAN – Over a foot of rain –> Arkansas: Southwestern Counties Bear Brunt of Barry’s Rain – Propaganda: “DANGEROUSLY HOT TEMPS expected across Central & Eastern US,” warns the NWS. Some pockets might see 100F, I grant you… but to AGAIN ignore the widespread ‘blues & pinks’ – ALASKA AND THE ARCTIC BREAK HEAT RECORDS… AS EXPECTED DURING A GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM

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