Migrant Crisis & Crime (July 8, 2019 Edition): Meanwhile, in London…. – Germany: According to police five 12-14-year-olds gang raped an 18-year-old girl in Mülheim an der Ruhr. They have been released for now anyway. – Germany: African (16) gets naked in front of two girls (17) and a boy (16). An argument followed after, which he beat all three down and robbed them. – Migrant child gang puts fear into neighbours: Swedish children scared to go outside – Germany: “Tanned” or brown man walks up to two 8-year-old girls and starts pleasuring himself in front of them in Osnabrück – EU Commissioner calls for “provisional agreements” on accepting more illegal migrants – Germany: Adults attacked with knives by teens after asking them to be less loud at a lake in Berlin – Libyan Coast Guard: NGOs should stay out of rescue operations. They also support traffickers and are likely paid for it. – Germany: This Moroccan attacked people at random and was supposed to be deported 19 years ago already. He also threatened to kill an officer. – Ethnicaly diverse restaurant worker spits in food. – Groups of migrants are terrorizing German outdoor pools, media calls them “Youths”

London has fallen...


Berlin has fallen…



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