Italy: Powerful explosions at Stromboli volcano, strongest since 2007 – World Weather Inc. Says Early Frost, Freeze Very Likely!!! This Would Be Coup De Grâce For The 2019 Crop Season – ALL-TIME July cold record broken in the Netherlands – Poland: Fruit harvest this year will be reduced by up to 30% by cold, wet weather – USA: Corn farmers having worst year in recent history – USA: Cotton crops destroyed by hail in northeast Alabama – Wow… Armenia: Massive crop loss as hailstorm hits Martuni community – Hail hits Rhône valley: 30-40% fewer apricots – USA: Hailstorm damaged thousands of acres of Minnesota – Heaviest rain in decade triggers flooding chaos in Mumbai, India… at least 18 dead – Hailstorm, heavy rains damage crops and orchards again in north Kashmir… 3rd time in a month – Over 37,000 Head of Cattle Die from ‘Global Warming’ in Montana? – USA: Michigan farmers relying on crop insurance after rainy spring – Texas: “This year’s chilly, wet spring has the next crop starting out from a tough spot…”


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