Migrant Crisis & Crime (June 25, 2019 Edition): UN Demands Western Countries Take Back Imprisoned ISIS Terrorists – Brighton: Man (Mahad Hussein) drags woman by the hair into an alley and raped her – Germany: Naked knife man tasered and arrested in Berlin. Six police officers were slightly injured – UK: Another Stabbing in Londonistan… victim culturally enriched with a knife at Victoria Park – Italy’s Salvini Calls Blocked Migrant Vessel A ‘Pirate Ship’; Tells Berlin And Amsterdam To Take Refugees – ISIS Supporter “Umm Nutella” Faces Life In Prison After Violating Deal With Feds – AOC Applauds Wayfair Employee Strike Over Sale Of Beds To Migrant Detention Center (So they should sleep on the floor?) – Australia: Child FORCED OUT of school by violent Islamists (Video)


The ‘Religion of Peace’…







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