Migrant Crisis & Crime (June 15, 2019 Edition): Desmond is Amazing’s Mother Defends Decision to Allow 12-Year-Old ‘Drag Kid’ to Perform at Gay Bar For Tips – German woman (50) stabbed in Morocco by her partner – Germany: Riots by around 100 mostly migrant youths at a pool in Munich. Allegedly they also threatened to stab the pool attendant. Police had to show up 5 times! – Black man kills 20-year-old German woman in the Netherlands – Germany: Refugees caused around 500.000 euros of damages at an asylum shelter in Kamp-Lintfort – Germany: Man (35) speaking broken German took a woman (19) into a choke hold and groped her in Osnabrück – Germany refused to deport an Algerian (26), who has now stabbed the mother (28) of his child. She was half dead when the medics arrived and had to be put in a coma – Mum and lesbian lover tear off 9-year-old son’s penis then behead him ‘as he reminded her of her dad’ – Anti-Islam Pegida leader attacked in the Netherlands. If this would be the other way around this would be all over the news – Germany: In only 90 days 111 people have been attacked and injured with a knife. Police are currently not accessing if the perpetrators have a migrant background


More enrichment for Germany…

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