Migrant Crisis & Crime (June 8, 2019 Edition): More Than 4 Million Venezuelans Have Now Fled The Country – England Isn’t English Anymore: Importing The Third World Has Consequences – Western thought leaders are lionizing Abdel Baset al-Sarout who was killed fighting the Syrian army. They conveniently omit that he fought in a militia allied with al-Qaeda and pledged allegiance to ISIS. From my mini-documentary: The Syria Deception – 25 injured as explosion rocks Swedish city of Linkoping, bomb squad investigating – “Unlucky this time, only have to be lucky once”: New IRA claims responsibility for failed car bomb – Peter Bright, Ars Technica journalist, male feminist, troll, and frequent critic of gamers and other nerds as misogynist “pedos”, has been arrested for attempting to have sex with a 7-year-old girl. – Tommy Robinson filmed punching England fan to the ground





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