Migrant Crisis & Crime (June 3, 2019 Edition): 90% Of ‘Catch-And-Release’ Illegals Fail To Show Up For Immigration Hearings – U.K. Hits “Open Borders” Highs: 600,000 Migrants Arrive In Just One Year – Police Identify Virginia Beach Shooter, Victims As Death Toll Climbs To 13 – Are You A Petty Criminal? Canada Just Stopped Prosecuting Minor Crimes – Trump Administration Deploys Dozens Of DHS Agents To Guatemala-Mexico Border – Resettlement of Rwandan rebels labelled a ‘frustrating’ hypocrisy


…and TPTB have brought/allowed all of those migrants into the UK (and are still bringing them in) just before the coming planned collapse and civil war.



…and what could possibly go wrong???

* * *

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