Migrant Crisis & Crime (May 7, 2019 Edition): Munich: Afghan asylum seeker (21) stabs 17-year-old boy to death – Arizona Democrats Claim No Border Crisis,… Then Beg Trump For Help With Flood Of Migrants – Gunman Takes 4 Hostages Inside French Convenience Store – Top UK Art Gallery Covers “Blasphemous” Paintings After Muslims Complain – Italian secret service agent with Presidency Council business card found dead in Paris hotel – ‘Somebody Help!’: Cops Handcuff Mentally Challenged Boy, Before Pepper Spraying & Beating Him – Morocco is sending 422 imams to Europe for “religious guidance” during Ramadan, which starts today – Austrians say they’re “feeling like foreigners” inside of their own country – Angela Merkel defends disastrous migrant policy, says it was never a mistake to let in millions of migrants – Sweden: Experimental “writing therapy” used for decades to rehabilitate pedophiles led to increased risk of relapse – Germany: 180 policemen raid Arab gangs in Berlin – Germany: Doused with liquid: young men set 60-year-old on fire – Germany: Men with a knife attack and injure 21-year-old man in Hofgeismar. The two robbers were described as having darker skin and being around 30 years old. – Germany: AfD politician Natascha Runge kicked in the stomach by a man for putting up election posters.

“The Religion of PEACE”…












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