Migrant Crisis & Crime (April 22, 2019 Edition): 41 Swedish municipalities being forced to shelter returning Islamic State members – Austria: Foreigners attempt to kidnap a woman (22) in the middle of the street in Wolfurt – Christchurch vs Sri Lanka: Spot The Difference! – Churches Have Become The #1 Target For Hate Attacks: An Average Of 105 Every Single Month; Christian persecution is on the rise all over the world, and it is likely to intensify greatly in the years ahead… – Wannabe jihadis to be given free tours of cultural landmarks including the Sydney Opera House to stop them from becoming radicalised – Denmark’s Richest Man Loses Three Children In Sri Lanka’s Easter Suicide Bombings – Israeli soldiers shoot blindfolded, handcuffed Palestinian teen fleeing arrest for stone-throwing – FBI accuses migrant-hunting militia leader of training to ‘ASSASSINATE’ Soros, Clinton & Obama – New Zealand vs Sri Lanka (Compare Treason May’s Statements) – Germany: “Extreme conditions” due to immigration in Halle and 20 other cities – Germany: Every three hours a knife is drawn in Berlin – Germany has become so diverse that a magazine gives tips on how to treat stab wounds! – Juncker refers to border controls as “random walk” – Germany: Nigerian (33) fair-dodger threatens to kill a female railway employee.


And don’t forget to give them gas canisters and a lighter…

Treason May…



How come?…








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