Migrant Crisis & Crime (April 14, 2019 Edition): Germany: Algerian migrant (18) slits victim’s (20) face open for refusing to give him his phone in Oberhausen. – Germany: Police are looking for this man for the rape of a 16-year-old girl in Bremen. – Cory Booker Admits Releasing Migrants In Sanctuary Cities Would “Make Us Less Safe” – Brave mum-of-two reveals she was ‘pimped out at 13 and raped by 40 men’ in Sheffield – Workers Find Dozens of Alleged Secret Graves at Juvenile Institution Where Boys Were Tortured, Raped – Swedish far-left feminist MP declares war on all men: All men are rapists – Migrant who believed it was “okay under Irish law” to rape step-daughter sentenced to 12 years in jail – Pope’s possible successor says mass migration is in reality an invasion and will lead to the extinction of Europe if not stopped – Crosses covered with cloth in Italian cemetery to avoid offending Muslims – “Innocent housewife” Shamima Begum was in fact cruel enforcer in ISIS’ morality police – 2 men accused of viciously beating sick pregnant woman outside Quincy post office – Germany: Police in Frankfurt are asking for help to identify this man for beating a woman (22) unconscious. Police suspect the crime to have been sexually motivated. – Germany: Ali B. the Iraqi “refugee”, who has now admitted to killing the 14-year-old girl Susanna called every other girl a whore. – Here’s the ‘The Religion Of Peace’ dress code for women – Germany: Picture of a German/Syrian/Iranian gang with members armed with a knife, aged between 13-24, who have been terrorizing children of the same age in Bergisch Gladbach for months. – Germany’s BKA: Violence of immigrants against Germans increases – Video: Black man from France beats up the German mother of his child in the middle of the street in Germany. He was already ordered by a court to stay away. “Deporting a French citizen is impossible.” – Only 1 out of 370 children speaks German as their native tongue at a school in Berlin. The classes are partially taught in Turkish because the children are not able to speak either language properly.

You really cant make this stuff up…





…all those offended Muslims should leave Italy. Those offended idiots are living in the wrong country.


The ‘The Religion Of Peace’ view of non-muslim women…

The ‘The Religion Of Peace’ for women…


Oh, the enrichment…




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