The EU Just Destroyed The Internet #Article11 #Article13 (Video)

‘Coincidentally’ TPTB have pushed this through – against the will of the people – just before the greatest financial collapse in world history is about to take place.

And yes, they are now out to destroy the alternative media.

Now in Europe and soon everywhere else.

And then we will be even more on your own.

As a side note:

Twitter has just recently, for the SECOND TIME, deleted all my uploaded photos & charts (on all those Illuminati puppets, the Grand Solar Minimum, real climate history, migrant crime statistics from the German BKA, etc.) in my account.

It’s “The Final Countdown”…

Before the text can be adopted in European law, it must next be approved by the Council of the European Union. It’s still possible that the directive may not be passed by the Council, but that would involve at least one key country changing its mind. A vote is expected to take place April 9.

After EU member states themselves accept the text of the directive, it will take effect after publication in the official journal and member states will have two years to implement it.

Next up:

(Planned) financial collapse & high inflation/hyperinflation

> followed by (planned) all-out civil war

> directly followed by (planned) WW3

> WW3 will be stopped by the onset of massive earth changes,…

…as predicted by many seers.

Alois Irlmaier predicted the following in around 1950…

The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3):

“Everything calls peace, Schalom! Then it will occur – a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean – the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a “large one” falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him – then impact is on impact. …”

Continue to prepare for collapse…

…because it’s coming!!!

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