Migrant Crisis & Crime (March 26, 2019 Edition): Italian teen girl was likely dismembered alive by Nigerian migrant drug dealer – Canada: Terrorist Omar Khadr walks out of Edmonton court a free man with $10.5M from Justin Trudeau – UK: Teachers Need Training to Spot Breast Ironing Abuse, Says Union – Pope Replaces Cardinal Who Covered Up Abuse With Priest Accused of Same Crimes – ‘Overwhelmed’ Border Patrol Forced To Release Illegal Immigrant Families Into US – Catholic Churches Are Being Desecrated Throughout France – Palestinian Cleric: “Islam will conquer the entire West through Jihad… and France will be first” – British Government Mocks Ex-Muslim Asylum Seeker’s Faith in Jesus – Terrorism fears as 3,000 UK children a year go to ‘jihadi’ schools in Pakistan, secret government report reveals – Islamist Terrorist group Hizb ut Tahrir gather in Denmark to show strength and intimidate the public. They blame the NZ attack on Christianity. I have one question: Why doesn’t this group exist in Poland? Because Polish people have brains AND bravery.









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