World News (March 21, 2019 Edition): Trump’s Mideast Bombshell: US Must Back Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights – New Zealand Bans Guns After Mass Shooting; All “Military-Style” And “Assault Rifles” Outlawed – Bernie Sanders Calls for New Zealand-Style Gun Ban in U.S. – Catastrophic Flooding In Midwest Could Last “For Months”, Threatens US Food Production – ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Cities, Counties, & States Spring Up Across The Country – NJ Governor Signs “Rain Tax” Bill; Residents’ Property Rates Rise “Based On The Weather” – Parents Refuse Sex Change for Autistic Son, Authorities Threaten Foster Care – UK Column: The Third Degree, Episode 1, Behind the ‘Rise’ in Anti-Semitism (Video) – Cable Slides As Civil War Looms: “17.4 Million Voted For Brexit & Are Being Denied It” – Meet The Harvard Dropout Who Has A “Cheatproof” Test To Dethrone The SATs

TPTB have planned WW3 for us, as predicted

Problem reaction, SOLUTION…

You know who owns the media…

H/T reader Squodgy:

In UK it has been noticed the wildlife foodchain is suffering.
Raptors like the Kestrel are becoming scarce as herbicide/pesticide tolerant monocultures like canola and maize dominate the countryside.
Coincidence? I think not.
These chemicals soak into the soil and potentially harm or kill the occupants of that medium, on which small mammals, amphibians, birds and other insects rely for their survival.”

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