Fifth Donation in March


Infinite Unknown reader D. W. donated $15.

Thank you so much for your continuing support!!!

Very much needed and appreciated.


Donations in March: $43, £25, €21,12


Donations in February: $23, £25

Donations in January: $48, £25, €21,04, $25 CAD


Donations in 2019: $114, £75, €42,16, $25 CAD


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When you read the following post by Robert Felix over at Ice Age Now keep in mind that I’ve intentionally chosen NOT to post any (potentially annoying) ads on I. U. and that I also avoid those paid for ‘guest articles’, which are usually nothing more than ads as well.

This means that the website is solely depending on your support.

I. U. is also not receiving any support from organizations, etc., like many other sites out there do.

I would be very happy to earn just less of $15 per hour (see below), because here at I. U. it’s more like $1 or less per hour.

Please consider to become an I. U. supporter, because your support is, as I say with every incoming donation, indeed “very much needed and appreciated”.

Readers W. L., D. W. and S. M. have set up a monthly donation via PayPal (easy to do & easy to cancel), which means very important monthly support for I. U.,….

…but any donation helps.

All the best

I. U.

Complaint from reader (Ice Age Now):

One of my readers has complained that this website contains too many ads. I hadn’t thought of this as a problem because I’m somehow able to filter out the ads when I visit other websites. I really do need the ads in order to afford to maintain the website properly, because even with the ads, I figure that I’m making less than $15.00 per hour. (Unless Drudge Reports links to one of my articles – then it’s bonanza day. But that doesn’t happen very often.)

Anyway, here’s the reader’s email:

“I have a complaint.  I realize you have no control over it and there is absolutley nothing to be done about it but here goes.   There is so much advertising on your web pages I find it is too distracting and troublesome to try and read the articles.  Each story is totally surrounded by ads and the middle of each story is broken up by many ads.  I find it difficult to concentrate on the stories.  Sorry Robert, but I have given up on your web page.  I hope some how things can be improved.”

Do the ads bother you as much as they do this reader?


Sadly, all those alternative websites desperately need ads in order to barely survive, when all those lies in the MSM, in politics, in economics and in medicine are (to your detriment) well paid.

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