Migrant Crisis & Crime (March 17, 2019 Edition): Families Are Crossing Southern U.S. Border In Record Numbers – ‘Epidemic’: Knife crime in UK dubbed national emergency – Enforcing Sharia Law in Britain and all over Europe! – Germany: Two men (17-22) from Iraq and Syria attack police and paramedic with a bottle in Essen. They only stopped when the officer drew his weapon – In 2016 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith… Who killed them? – Texas Library Hires Pedophile Drag Queen to Read to Children – WATCH: Cop Kills Good Samaritan With Cruiser, Admits to Being on Phone, Then Lies About It – Germany: Parents of Maria, who was killed by an Afghan refugee become citizens of the year because they showed “love not hate” – Germany: Syrian (39) hits Egyptian (28) in the head with a bollard because he looked at him for too long – Austria: New Linz City Vice Mayor Hein (FPÖ): “Those, who abuse their guest right have to go” – Germany: Iraqi (27) sentenced to five years for sexual coercion, drug trafficking and assault set free because the judge forgot to sign the paperwork – List of countries that support deporting illegals.

…and the award looks like some broken pieces. How fitting.

More enrichment coming your way…

A lot of (deportation) work has to be done in Linz…

2018 Flashback…





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