Migrant Crisis & Crime (Feb. 19, 2019 Edition): I am sure this is nothing to worry about: Police find 17 hand grenades in the car of two Bosnians in Dresden – Australia’s immigration level soars to a record high in 2018, with 832,560 new arrivals calling the country home, after the Government promised cuts – Germany: Woman (28) raped and has her face smashed in by a Bulgarian (27) in Berlin. She suffered 103 injuries in total! – 95 percent of pickpockets on Brussels’ public transport are foreigners – Serial Pedophile Cop Arrested on 80 Counts of Sexual Abuse of Children – Germany: Man (45) walking his dog in Hanau stabbed in the leg by two foreigners after asking them and a woman if everything was “OK” – Germany: 80% of first graders have a migrant background at a school in Dresden – Several injured at Marseille stabbing rampage, assailant shot dead by police France

Sweden 2.0…

What happened to…


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