World News (July 24, 2018 Edition): CNN Leaks Confidential Trump-Cohen Recording – $52,000/Second: Ron Paul Warns Washington’s Spending Its Way To A Fiscal Crisis – Venezuela Surpasses Weimar As Hyperinflation Expected To Hit 1,000,000% By Year End – Israel Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet – Bitcoin Surges Above $8,000; Hits 2-Month Highs

H/t reader squodgy:

“The watch list

Summary of some good indicators to let you know that the economic collapse is approaching.

1. Quickly creating laws to remove rights
2. More taxes
3. More troops on the ground
4. More military exercises within our borders
5. Bail ins (bank holiday)
6. More false flags to pass gun control laws, CISPA law, martial law, War
7. War has started”

* * *

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