Solar Killshot, Antarctic Ice Expands & ICEX US Navy Subs in Ice Pictorial (Video) – Remote Viewing Update With Major Ed Dames On COAST TO COAST – April 17 2017 – NORTH KOREA AND THE KILLSHOT (Video)

And all the videos I had posted about ‘Remote Viewing’ before have disappeared from YouTube.

See for yourself:

Remote Viewing UPDATE: Major Ed Dames On … The ‘Kill-Shot’, Solar Flares, Safe Zones, Fukushima, Gold & Silver, Economic Collapse, Mad Max, ‘Obama Is The Last President’, Martial Law & Chaos

US Secret Psychic Spies And Remote Viewing In The CIA And NSA (Documentary)

…and obviously Obama was NOT the last President.

That said, it has been predicted, not just by Ed Dames, that the grid will go down in the US.



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