India builds THOUSANDS of bunkers on Pakistan border as it prepares for World WAR 3 – #WW3

India builds THOUSANDS of bunkers on Pakistan border as it prepares for World WAR 3:

THE INDIAN government will build 14,000 bunkers along the India-Pakistan border in five border districts in Jammu and Kashmir, to protect soldiers and civilians from ongoing violence and military uprisings.

In 2017, 15 army soldiers and four BSF jawans were killed in ceasefire violations, along with 12 civilians.A further 79 people were also injured in the escalating conflict.

A total of 13,029 individual household bunkers will be constructed measuring 160sq feet which are capable of accommodating 8-10 people, while 1,431 community bunkers will be built, capable of accommodating 40 people each.

The construction project has been awarded by the Ministry of Home Affairs to the state-owned National Buildings Construction Corporation (NBCC), and the project is worth Rs 416 crore (£45.5m).

NBCC will construct bunkers in areas that lie within 3km from the border, which are in the front line of the conflict.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti commented on the construction, stating: “Priority shall be given to the bunkers which are nearest to the existing border outposts.”Construction priority has reportedly been put under three categories: 0-1km from border, 1-2km from border, and 2-3km.

Representatives from NBCC commented on the project, saying: “NBCC has received sanction from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), government of India, for the Construction of 14,460 bunkers in villages along the Indo-Pak Border in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.”

NBCC Chairman and Managing Director A K Mittal said: “It’s a prestigious and challenging project for us.

“We will meet the time line, which will be set by the Jammu and Kashmir government.

“While we are building World Trade Centre in South Delhi we are also engaged in road and fencing works in Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura on Indo-Bangladesh border and in Gujarat on Pakistan border.“Pre-cast construction methodology shall be used for this project.

“Strategically located casting yards will be used to fabricate RCC components, which shall be transported by trailer/tractors and the bunkers will be erected by cranes and labourers. We will plan in such a way that each bunker is completed in maximum 2-3 days.”

NBCC is reportedly already carrying out border fencing work along the India-Pakistan border, and similar defensive work is planned in the Srinagar region.

Despite an official ceasefire in 2003, violence has regularly erupted between Indian and Pakistan along the Line of Control, the demarcation between the Indian and Pakistani controlled regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

The tension between both nations has increased significantly since last December, when both nations accused each other of killing soldiers on both sides.

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