Julian Assange works for the people – now we need to save him

http://lumiistyle.com/2016/07/chinese-artist-ai-weiwei-has-arranged-1005-life-jackets-from-refugees-into-the-shape-of-lotus-flowers-for-a-floating-installation-at-belvedere-museum-in-viennaAssange works for the people – now we need to save him

moved here H/t reader squodgy:

“Assange’s wikileaks awoke the general population to the manipulative deviousness of both the shadow government and deep state covert institutions and their worldwide abuse of humanity for their own benefit and amusement.
After those revelations, we have stood by as the criminals have persecuted him….we are gutless yellow bellied by-standers, undeserving of the efforts of such good, honest men as Assange and Pilger.”

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