How the Stasi returned to Germany to create the perfect police state

In the summer of 2018 Germany’s state of Bavaria will have the strictest police laws since 1945. Police will henceforth be allowed to carry hand grenades and infiltrate online chats without even suspicion of concrete crimes.

The lines between police and intelligence services will also become unclear. The law is sponsored by the CSU, the sister party of Merkel’s CDU and will likely sail through without any resistance.

This plan gives the police unprecedented authority to monitor citizens. Experts are talking about the strictest laws since 1945. It has all the hallmarks of a combined police and intelligence service. The executive will be allowed to investigate without any indication of a crime.

Police officers will be allowed to confiscate letters, search IT-systems, deploy undercover personnel and carry body cameras. The opposition is protesting but largely in vain due to the majority the CDU-CSU has in the state parliament.

Some worry that these laws might become a model for the whole of Germany. In fact similar developments are taking place in Flensburg right now. Areas in the city of Flensburg were recently defined as dangerous places granting police temporary increased powers for four weeks.

An increase in violent crimes and theft in Flensburg enabled these new measures. Especially affected by these new measures will be youths, who can now be searched without a need of suspicion, very similar to the “Stop and frisk” policies enacted in other European countries. It is all in the name of regaining control of the inner cities after the botched open border policies of Merkel.

All of this combined with NetzDG is infringing upon individual rights. NetzDG is an online censorship law, which is overreaching and even affected its own architect Heiko Mass of the Socialist Democratic Party (SPD), who is now the Foreign Minister of Germany.

Instead of protecting its border, German politicians are increasingly choosing to police their citizens and inner cities instead, infringing upon civil liberties for the sake of the false promise of safety. Meanwhile the core reason for these problems is ignored and deportations are hindered at every turn. As Benjamin Franklin once stated, “those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”.

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