Netanyahu Rushed To Hospital With “High Fever, Cough”

Netanyahu Rushed To Hospital With “High Fever, Cough”:

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been rushed to a hospital with a fever and for tests after an illness, local media reported, and a spokesman for the Prime Minister confirmed.

Netanyahu’s symptoms include high fever and coughing but this time they are not the result of what the UK has already decided is a Kremlin mandated nerve gas, but are apparently due to complications of a streptococcal throat infection, and is also undergoing additional tests on the advice of his doctor.

“The prime minister is suffering from a high fever and is coughing,” a spokesman for the 68-year-old Netanyahu, said in a text message.

According to the spokesman, Netanyahu’s personal doctor, Ariel Berkowitz, believes the prime minister had not fully recovered from an illness two weeks ago and therefore decided he should undergo further tests at hospital, the spokesman said.

Netanyahu has recently been embroiled in one of the biggest scandals of his career, with the Israeli police recommending last month that Bibi be indicted for bribery.

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