Snowden Explains Deep State’s Influence On Presidents Obama, Trump – “Presidents are selected, not elected.” – FDR

Snowden Explains Deep State’s Influence On Presidents Obama, Trump:

These are officials who sit in powerful positions, who watch presidents come and go, they influence policy, they influence presidents and say: this is what we have always done, this is what we must do, and if you don’t do this, people will die.


“Presidents are selected, not elected.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

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‘Anti-Establishment’ Trump Won’t Pursue Charges Against Hillary: “She’s Been Through Enough”:

60 Minutes interview where Trump indicated that he may not launch a full investigation into the Democratic nominee. “I’m gonna think about it,” he said at the time to Leslie Stahl. “I don’t wanna hurt them. They’re good people,” he continued of the Clintons.

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