Worried about Russia? Don’t be. I went to Russia to get the truth that the lying MSM refuses to report

Last week I embarked on a brief journey to Russia in between traveling to Vienna. I left with a number of takeaways that fly in the face of what is “reported” by the American mainstream media.

     1. Russians HATE leftism

One of the most striking observations that I made was just how much the Russian people despise the Neo-Marxist left. It’s no surprise. A vast number of Russians still live with the trauma caused by decades communism. To this day, Russia’s economy struggles to catch up with the rest of the world following decades of crushing authoritarian leftism. Russians, unlike American leftists, have an intimate understanding of the fact that “liberalism” is a total paradox. Russians realize that liberalism only thrives when the crushing hand of government is applied in the most brutal way against the people.

     2. Feminism doesn’t exist is Russia

This revelation came even before landing in the Russian Federation. Flying on Aeroflot, I couldn’t help but realize that unattractive women seemed to be underrepresented as Russian flight attendants. In fact, all of the Russian flight attendants were young, attractive women who also happened to be highly competant.

The safety video on the plane seemed to demonstrate Russia’s appreciation for attractive women. This sort of safety video would have been considered objectionable by the American left and likely would have led to lawsuits from the ACLU. In Russia, symbols of objective physical beauty were everywhere, and were considered perfectly normal.

     3. The Russian people like Putin 

The Russian media often reports polls that show that Putin’s approval rating remains above 80% among the Russian people. These polls are often looked at with great skepticism or complete disbelief by Americans and others thought the world. Talking to people in the best broken Russian that I could produce, I can tell you that I found about 3-out-of-5 people to approve of Putin. The other 40% told me that they were indifferent to politics. To this point I have not found a Russian citizen who disapproves of Vladimir Putin.

     4. Capitalism is alive and well in Russia 

You don’t even have to leave the airport to realize that in Russia, many of the same global brands exist and thrive that exist in other places are very successful. Burger King and McDonalds were a common sight. Sushi was popular, despite Russia’s land-locked geography. The Russian people appreciate the same sort of brands that their Western contemporaries do, and these brands enjoy open access to the Russian economy.

     5. Russia looked more Western than the much of the West

Having traveled throughout much of Western Europe, I have witnessed many neighborhoods turn into no-go zones. Russia has been more or less immune to wave of Middle Eastern migration that much of the West has experienced. Slowly but surely Western Europe starts to look more like the Middle East, and Russia does not. In Russia, I saw a whole lot of Cyrillic writing on the store fronts of business and not a whole lot of Arabic or Farsi. While Europe opens up the doors to whoever wants to come in, Russia takes pride in carefully curating the folks who are allowed to enter their country, and they seem to be experiencing tremendous benefits from this selectiveness.

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